This past spring I went through Mason Currey’s scintillating book Daily Rituals (great summary points here), and it affected me to the point of changing my life in a very practical way. I started Lent with the idea of a clean start. Morning pages were already an important part of my routine. Finding a schedule that worked for me, creatively and personally seemed to be the holy grail of myself and most creative professionals (and amateurs!) that I’ve talked to. Some of the people in the book worked late into the night, so I’m not opposed to that for others, but for my lifestyle, (and because my brain is clearly more alert for the best thinking/writing from waking until-11am) that’s the time I need to employ.


   Throughout my twenties I had developed a rhythm of staying up later and later, feverishly salivating for “Just one more episode!” of whatever heroin-esque golden-age-of-tv series we’re into at the time. So I moved that hour-and-a-half of usable time to the morning, when my mind is fresh. I have a duplet of two-year-olds so there aren’t normally moments during the day that I’m able to work without interruption. The key was to asses my daily schedule and discover my usable time and move it around until I found a good personal flow.  We truly are soft machines, and may be programmed by yourself for the best functionality.

Reading: Blood Meridian – Cormac McCarthy

Listening: Sloan – Commonwealth (Best lyric from new record, Commonwealth: “Did you learn nothing from five seasons of The Wire?) 

Watching: Mad Men, s7