Screw Up (But In Reverse)

when the surgeon started cutting
he later wrote of what was there
the nurses gasped and some had fainted
a tumor with teeth and growing hair
doc said the “healing could take light-years” what do i do?
oh I hear that there’s a tunnel
someone told me there’s a light
i really need to hear some good news
cuz i been staying up all night
doc said that “healing could take light-years” what do i do?

join me let’s screw up in reverse
hum the tune – mouth the words
and pull the rotted tooth
join me let’s screw up in reverse
from the chorus to the verse
Lazarus come out of your tomb

paint the picture in your broad strokes
doesn’t matter that i’m blind
horse hair brush smells of ammonia
scraping is the only sound
give it a name
a snarl a frame
tie the grief knot round your head

Waste Time

ya hear me singing
singing you off to sleep again
i hear you dreaming
you’re talking in your sleep again
although it sounds really mercenary
baby you’re the one

i just wanna waste my time with you
i just wanna waste
i just wanna waste my time with
i just wanna waste my time with you

i see you drifting
i’m singing you off to sleep again
colors spinning
twirl with a flick of the twist of my wrist
i could sit right here forever cradle cap and curly que’s
i can catch the cosmos in canary yellow and prussian blue

Umbilical Style

standin on the edge of the sea
or maybe an archipelago
don’t make no difference to me
all i know is i feel what I’m feeling
trapped here by degrees
caught between the sun and its heat
i’m done with this, i’ve let it there be hesitation marks for too long

i don’t want to hate you
but i guess i do
you’ve kept me hanging upside-down
umbilical style

I see the line in front of me that doesn’t make it illegal
what’s done is done what’s fun is fun
but on the tongue the taste only lingers

go off on your golden airline
with your golden janisarry
i’ll wish you well

Fugue State

you could never wash her off
like a russian gulag tattoo
you’ve tried acid you’ve tried lye
in a fugue state on your own
she got you and brought you home
now you aren’t and will never be alone

you’ll never be alone
you’ll never be alone
you’ll never be alone

you breathe, in the smoke is warm
eyes roll back and you check out
far from where you anchored down
you’ve tasted all the pleasures of the young
but your fire has only just begun
build your castles in the sand but know the tide will always come

she keeps giving you one thing

Tastefully Nude

lights played tricks on your crucifix, oh yeah
it sparkled and shined in your feverish mind oh yeah
you opened the booth to give your confession palms sweating like from the plague
you spilled out the truth like i’m sloshing cheap booze out of saturday’s red solo cup

tastefully nude
nude as the news
that you’re not the dude that she knew

your tongue was sandy as the serengeti oh yeah
you waxed poetic how you got your heartache oh yeah
peeled your face with your fingers and peeled off the layers you peeled them all one by one
priest had seen everything but hadn’t seen anything like you — coming clean


when you said you were proud of me
felt like you were putting me down
when you flashed that wicked skin
cursed a proper noun, i tripped face-down


i got the way outta there
it was fight or flight
and i’m the only one still standing here
cut the vigil light, i’ll last the night

Psychic Chatter

you’re there with your questions
around your crown they’re buzzing like flies baby
with gentle persuasion
i’m taking your hand in My side baby
shed the skin of space and time
got mystical power stop the psychic chatter and come follow Me

i dove through the hole i punched inside your world (and now it’s mine)

i’m hip to what you hear, that my house is merely alkaline, baby
but it’s not/no it’s not/ any of your business
shed the skin of space and time
got mystical power stop the psychic chatter and come follow Me

no man, can take you outta My hand, no man, no man, can take you
no man, I mean no man, can ever take you from My hand
no man i mean no man, try as hard, as he can


nothing is easy with you
well that’s not totally true
i could talk or I could fight
can’t put this off another nite
started with my fingers made agreements with my toes
made a blood pact with my nose

arms length thats me i’m nepotistic
but half up this creek if you need me
in the mood for a joke?
one ‘bout fistfights and kinfolk

talking in circles again
pumping the brakes in my head
i have a need for a golden mind
can’t be your superball this time
bouncing on and off the floor
hunting the last buffalo


with the seahorse
the guy carries babies
in the ocean, can’t you see his water breaking
he is pregnant, see the stretch marks tight red swollen
cut the mama from your memory, she split for the anemone

head was swimmy with his water breaking
but he’s saluted by paternal instinct
this hurts so bad, “puff on this, you’re a dad”
he’s something like himself, but he’s nothing like himself

with the seahorse
guy nurtures babies
he builds his kids a seaweed playplace
in the evenings he meets starfish buddies
cut the mama from your memory, she split for thee anemone

skin is slimy babies burping spitting
but he’s saluted by paternal instinct
he grins so glad, “sip on this, you’re a dad”
he’s something like himself, but he’s nothing like himself

Book of Common Prayer

“it’s the sin of Eve”, she said
“i’d forget my face if it wasn’t on my head”
she takes out her wash, looks down at her name tag scrawled in her sharpied hand
her people all have amnesia oh they forget the sky they forget the sun the sand
she’s from someplace with a difficult name, understand, my friend that it aint no far-off land

memory of melody
i write the book of common prayer
melody of memory
i write the book of common prayer
memory of melody
it’s always in the air, here then there
melody of memory the notes they fly away from me
that’s why i write the book of common prayer

there was a sign on the piano
when it fell on steven, squashed him flat, shoulda seen the sign
susan wanted some music, but she couldn’t remember which was the fm dial
mikhail twisted his ankle, but the term for “doctor” escaped his forgetful mind
(the town all had amnesia, the splintering of sloppy, slidy minds)

i forget Your name forget Your face
(remind me) in Your way
trace the lines as grooves so they’ll stay

Heathen’s Teeth

we used to take it easy in a past life
now we sweat now we pull on heathen’s teeth
but nothin’s quite as sexy like yr fidelity
knownin’ you aint walkin out on me

No one can love you better than i do, baby

i looked you in your good eye you whispered something fierce
rehearsing all the moves methodically
braiding up our memories, the polish starts to flake
look at them like some high holy day

No one can love you better than i do, baby

“love don’t last forever” that’s what they say that’s what they say
they send it out like a cold war communique
love aint got no sunset that’s what we say that’s what we say that’s what we say
you won’t find nothing better out that way


Burmese Tiger Trap

If I knew everything
Would turn out bad
That’d made you this sad
Do you wanna claw out of here, to survive?
Hush the jackal in your ear
Don’t choke on the knife
Shana na na na na na
Burmese tiger trap
If you go ahead unveil your eyes
and look with me
I won’t patronize
your horror story
What can I say to you
Cept “I understand”
I put my hand over my mouth
And the other in your hand

Midnite Cotillion

Speeding up the “1” for summer fun
Holding hands with my favorite someone
Laser sight on a mushroom cloud and a figured
costume ball
We moved in contradance sowing wild oat
Fingers breezed your hair and your petticoat
Faces wax and wane but this I know, that you eclipsed my heart
Standing off the Western Seaboard now, underneath shining stars and crowds
falling in love
Fall so easily (in love)
Fall so easily in love
Midnight Cotillion
It’s how the west was won
Numerology is following the steps
My blood it pumps, it pumps, the ante raises bets
Your objections noted comically dalliance the old quadrille
Its how the west, it’s how the west, it’s how the west was won

Hungry Heart

Got a hungry heart
Panther on the prowl
Chrome heart growls the kill
pumping clutch, grind gears and turn the key
she’s growling like a beast
400 horses autobahn
wish and dream in bucket seats
Leather and sweat and gasoline
I gotta hungry heart
Drinking my adrenaline
I gotta hungry heart
Revving up cuz I want more, yeah
I gotta hungry heart
Boots push pedal to the floor
Greasepaint buzz my core
Burn dreams and scorch the score
Seed the dream, flee the scene she makes it real
Strap in, don’t think, just feel
Pump the brakes hear her howl
I found forever now
Driving the long way home
Got a hungry heart heart heart

I Get The Feeling You Don’t Love Me Anymore

We used to straddle the sky
and ride it all night, well, with you by my side
was it something I said, are you being weird, or is it all in my head?
nothing to do, looking for you
I still remember how this story should go
I get the feeling you don’t love me any more
Turn the knife on its edge, see where it lands
talk me off the ledge
can’t find right words to close, it’s completely insane but baby that’s how this goes
I get the feeling you don’t love me any more
broke on the wheels of living, I’ve turned it true
In brokenness bring healing, love from my wound
I get the feeling you don’t love me any more

Fragile Flowers

On my Mt. Zion, on the far side of the crystal sea
There’s my garden: mums, hyacinth, and gerbera daisies
Things were growing so well, as far as I could tell
One day it happened–I bent down from where I stood
My plants were brown and brittle choked by weeds and black wormwood
And things were falling apart like I never knew they could
Fragile flowers ….
Petals fall and float to the earth
To grow again
My toes felt cracked earth and I started to move again
I planted new seeds, seeds of rice and oats and corn and grain
And as I looked skyward I caught a drop of rain

The Long Hard Drag

I’m so glad to see you
I’m so glad you’ve given up the ghost
It’s all coming up roses
Sun is shining and dreams were dripped for you
The last time I saw you
I didn’t say goodbye
I took one long hard drag
Let’s go rev the engine
Turn up your telecaster loud
The waves crest your beachhead
A Light cracks the corners of my heart
Let’s go rev the engine

Sorta Story

Chapter 1: you’ve made mistakes,
But so have I so it’s ok
How can I somehow remind you
We’re gonna make it through
When it’s been a hellish week and neither of us are first to speak
I’ll help you remind me
With Polaroid memory
You were always good for a yarn, yeah
So spin me another one
It’s my sort of story
Where the good guy always wins
The protagonist gets his man
And the girl always gets the guy in the end
It’s my sort of story
When I let you take the wheel
The road yawns on for miles still
I’ll make you turn to me
And tell me a story
The exposition tells us all
Of a rising action’s fall
Like the climax
Of a dog-eared paperback
With a beginning, middle, end
Ghost-written by a Friend
I’ll live the epilogue instead
It’s my sort of story

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